Stella Schaevitz Concerts: The Ludwigs embody family, legacy, and community

RACHAEL LUDWIG…founding artistic director.

Sometimes knowing how an event comes to fruition can be just as interesting as the event itself. The Stella Schaevitz Concert Series is a perfect example of what Katz JCC strives to accomplish–community involvement and partnership while also promoting educational and social experiences to the community. This five-part concert series came about because of a spark of inspiration from another Katz JCC event.

While participating in the Festival of Arts, Books & Culture at the JCC, Michael Ludwig had the opportunity to interview an author named Mitchell J Kaplan about his latest book, “Rhapsody.” It was during this experience that he saw Lahn Social Hall as the perfect venue for him and his wife, Rachael, to create a concert series.

Thus, the vision began–to create a series that would entertain, educate, and enhance the musical life of the community through bringing beautiful and thought-provoking musical programs featuring world class artists. Many of the guest artists that the Ludwigs have lined up are friends whom they have shared music with for many years, as Michael describes them, “artists of the highest caliber that have shared their artistry throughout the world.”

When speaking with the Ludwigs about the concert series, what is clear is not just their dedication to music but their zeal for connecting family and community.

MICHAEL LUDWIG…founding artistic director.

“This series is very important to us. Howard and Gail Schaevitz are dear friends and it means so much to us to have their support and encouragement for what we are doing artistically. We have a long history of friendship and sharing music together. Their generosity and support will enable us to bring beautiful music to our community and create wonderful artistic events. Howard and Gail were very close friends of my parents Irving and Martha. There is a strong sense of family and friendship in this concert series, which is reflected in our long history together with the Schaevitzes, the naming of the series in Howard’s mother’s memory, and the artists that will participate, many of which have a long and close history with us as well.”

They hope the audience will enjoy the concert experience and find the concerts intellectually stimulating. The programs are designed to not only entertain but to educate and inspire.

“We hope to convey the warmth and friendship that sharing music can bring. We hope the experiences of this concert series will touch people’s hearts and souls, and that they will be moved emotionally as well as have the privilege of getting to know these world class artists on a more intimate and personal level.”

Michael and Rachael Ludwig would like the community to know they are passionate people. “We are performing artists; we are music educators; and we are proud to be raising our family right here in Cherry Hill.”

The artistic collaboration between the Ludwigs and the JCC could not be accomplished without the generosity of the Schaevitzes–all parties involved are hopeful this is just the beginning of a beautiful partnership that successfully brings live music to Cherry Hill.

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