JFund donations change life for family with special needs adult

Rori Bomze (left) and her sister Nikki Bomze David.

Rori Bomze (left) and her sister Nikki Bomze David.

For the Bomze David family, donations to the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey (JFSNJ)’s JFund Annual Campaign are life changing.

Rori Bomze is a resident of Weinberg Commons, an affordable housing community for older adults age 55+ and adults with special needs in Cherry Hill, which was developed by JFSNJ using JFund dollars in partnership with Pennrose and PennReach. She lives in one of the eight quads, which house 32 adults with special needs, where she enjoys a vibrant social life with peers and outings to fairs, bowling, dinners, swimming, and other programming made accessible by Weinberg Commons—all while having safe oversight and assistance for tasks like grocery shopping, cooking, medication needs, haircuts, transportation, and more.

“As Rori’s little sister, I was always curious about what the future would hold for her, for us, for my parents. And as Rori and I became adults, the curiosity of what would come grew into concern. The special needs child invariably becomes the special needs adult. The primary caretakers often remain the parents for as long as health and finances allow, and inevitably it shifts to the siblings,” said Nikki Bomze David. “We, my parents, my husband, and of course Rori, cannot begin to express how the unbearable weight of uncertainty has been lifted thanks to our Jewish Federation and the opening of our Weinberg Commons community. This cannot be overstated, knowing that Rori is safe.”

JFSNJ supports four other Areas of Impact in addition to Special Needs, including Older Adults, Global Connections, Community Engagement, and Family & Youth, to increase and enhance the organization’s programs, services, and resources for people in need here in the South Jersey community, in Israel, and in over 70 countries around the globe.

For each generation and across all five Areas of Impact, JFSNJ combats and helps people cope with the rise in antisemitism; provides security equipment, training, and personnel to protect the community; enables older adults, including Holocaust survivors, to age with dignity and quality of life through home care, companion services, and meal deliveries; lends support to at-risk communities around the globe through work with partner organizations; develops a community of emerging leaders in the South Jersey area; and celebrates Jewish culture and holidays with community-wide family programs.

“There are countless stories like the Bomze David family’s that demonstrate how the Federation system impacts individuals in our community and around the world. We’re so grateful to our donors who make a difference in the lives of others through their generosity,” said David Snyder, chief advancement & community relations officer for the Jewish Federation and director of Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. “To keep the momentum going and continue to effect positive change, it’s critical to give to the Annual Campaign every year.”

To donate to the 2023 JFund Annual Campaign, visit jewishsouthjersey.org/donate

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