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If you’re doing as much TV streaming as we are, you probably wish there was a way to keep track of all the shows you watch or want to watch that will remind you of the streaming service you watch them on. A new startup app called Gatsby.TV ( aims to solve that dilemma. Gatsby founder Gatsby Frimpong says the app grew out of his own experience with his partner trying to find things to watch and keep track of them.

“It was really perplexing as to why this was taking so long,” he said in a recent interview. It could take us 30, 40, maybe even, 60 minutes to find something. I said, ‘I’m going to figure out something that I can do in order to solve this, so that we can find better TV shows and movies to watch much quicker.’”

Gatsby.TV aggregates information from the main TV networks, streaming services, and premium cable outlets into a single app where you can search for titles, and filter by different variables. In the results list, you can click on a show or movie to get more information, and a nicely organized list shows which networks offer the program by subscription, to buy, or to rent. If it’s a series, you can look at summaries of individual episodes.

There’s space for you to write a comprehensive review of the program or series, rate it with stars, or read biographies of the cast. You can recommend the listing to your friends using Gatsby, put it on a watch list, view a trailer, or mark it as something you’ve watched.

“You don’t have to commit all of this to your long-term memory, it can be just right there in the app for you so that when you’re ready to watch something, you can click it and then go ahead and start the show,” Frimpong said.

You can search for friends among current users of Gatsby.TV, but the search is limited to names. It would be nice to be able to search for friends or acquaintances by their geographic location, or maybe by the movie and TV genres they like.

One thing that’s unique about the app is that Frimpong specifically decided not to use algorithms or artificial intelligence to offer recommendations for movies and TV shows. Unlike many of his millennial peers, he thinks we’re spending too much time in distanced social situations, and he likes the idea of people recommending shows and movies to other people.

“This is a technology that isn’t supposed to replace meeting in person. It’s supposed to augment meeting in person,” he said. “So what’s cool about that is the person who sent the recommendation starts a conversation, maybe they’ll text you, maybe they’ll call you and say, ‘Hey, what do you think about that show?’”

Frimpong isn’t sure how (or if) he will be able to monetize the Gatsby.TV app. He says there’s some opportunity for earning a percentage if people rent a movie or show by linking to it through his app. He says he’ll be working on an Apple TV version of the app to broaden its reach (it’s currently available on iPhones, iPads and Android devices).

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