August is for art as Milton & Betty Katz JCC displays local artist Laurie Staller’s “Everyday Objects”

Local artist Laurie Staller.

Local artist Laurie Staller.

The Milton & Betty Katz JCC invited art enthusiasts and the general public to view the debut exhibit of “Everyday Objects,” a collection of original artwork by the exceptionally talented local artist Laurie Staller. An artist’s reception was held on Thursday, August 3 at 5:30 p.m. for Laurie Staller’s collection and approximately 100 guests filtered in and out of the event. The art will be on display in the Milton & Betty Katz JCC lobby, now through the end of August.

Staller’s captivating exhibit, “Everyday Objects,” showcases her remarkable hyper-real technique, meticulously capturing the simplicity and intricate details of ordinary items, urging viewers to pause and appreciate the subtle sophistication of each object depicted on oil and canvas. With a masterful touch, Staller breathes life into these subjects, evoking emotions on a primal level, provoking happiness, hunger, and nostalgia among her audience. Laurie’s unique approach to painting everyday objects as subjects, each with its own personality, prompts us to reevaluate the beauty and enduring nature of the often-overlooked items that surround us.

Laurie Staller is a gifted artist hailing from New Jersey, where she was also born and currently resides. Laurie pursued her passion for art and honed her skills while studying Art History and Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania, earning her Bachelor of Arts degree. Staller currently works as a freelance Graphic Designer and artist. She also creates commissioned artwork, providing clients with treasured, custom paintings.

“The JCC of Atlantic County offers programs and activities designed to engage you intellectually, physically, and socially. Celebrating the artists and creators among us helps nurture our minds and allows us to connect with our community and ignite that creative spark,” said Marg Rosenblatt, Milton & Betty Katz JCC chief executive officer.

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