A little shoot of spring offers a valuable lesson in perseverance


I bought it last spring at a plant store that was going out of business and was selling off bamboo shoots at a dollar each. “It will bring you good luck,” said the plant store saleswoman. That did it. I could surely use lots of that, particularly at that moment. Of course I should have bought more than one bamboo […]


YAD takes on Boston

GHMEC hosts young actors


An article in the Mar. 10 issue of the Voice, “Walk to benefit JFCS services for local cancer patients & families,” incorrectly stated the amount of money raised in last year’s cancer walk. The correct figure should have been $25,000. The Voice regrets the error.

JCC takes home awards

Financially fit with JCF

Public figures who break the rules can learn from little children

TEL AVIV—In preparation for the meeting with Lev’s preschool teacher, I shaved and took my good suit out of the closet. “It’s a 10-in-the-morning meeting,” my wife laughed. “The teacher will probably be wearing sweat pants. And with that white shirt and jacket, you’ll look like a groom.” “Like a lawyer,” I corrected her. “And when the meeting’s over, you’ll […]

Jewish groups upset with Presbyterians

Jewish groups are upset with recent actions by the Presbyterian Church USA regarding its Israel policies. A recent report by the church titled “Breaking Down the Walls” was condemned by the Anti-Defamation League as “a toxic mix of bad history, politically motivated distortions and offensive attacks on Judaism and Israel.” The Presbyterian Church USA has had a long and contentious […]

Reform movement urges outreach to intermarried

The Reform movement should encourage interfaith couples to stay in the Jewish community, a task force proposed. A task force on intermarriage created by the Central Conference of American Rabbis proposed that the movement find ways to reach out to intermarried families, for example by creating special blessings for the non-Jewish spouses participating in events such as weddings and funerals, […]