A special donation from Nella Distenfeld Glick (second from right), a Holocaust survivor, and her son Eli Glick (right) was made to the Raab/Goodwin Museum. During the Holocaust, Nella’s family knew they had to evade the Nazis and leave their home. Her father asked a Christian neighbor if he could safeguard the family’s religious objects. The man’s brother moved into the Distenfeld home and took care of the religious texts, including two Torahs. The Distenfeld house and the religious objects were found safe after the war. After her father passed away, the Torah was passed down to Nella’s late husband Myer and then to son Eli and kept in the family to preserve for future generations. Joining the Glicks at the presentation were JCRC Israel and Holocaust Education Fellow Aaron Sauer and Raab/Goodwin Steering Committee Chair Renee Siegel.binder.jpg