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Warriors of Woodcrest AZA pull off the win to take football championship

Regional Mazkirim

Jared Garfinkle (left) grabs Kyle Krell’s flag on a pivotal stop during a recent AZA Athletics football game. Jared Garfinkle (left) grabs Kyle Krell’s flag on a pivotal stop during a recent AZA Athletics football game. After a fall filled with early morning Sunday football games for the boys of South Jersey Region BBYO (SJR), the AZAA (AZA Athletics) Football season has finally come to a close. The greatly anticipated championship game took place on Nov. 18, and was between the Wolves of Otzma AZA and the Warriors of Woodcrest AZA. The teams had played against each other twice during the regular season, with each chapter taking a win and a loss. Both teams ended the regular season with the same record, but since Woodcrest AZA beat Otzma AZA with a higher score, the Warriors claimed the number one seed, and ultimately cruised to the championship game after defeating Marlcrest AZA in the playoff game. Otzma AZA claimed the number two seed, and their win against Masada saw them reach the championship game as well.

In the past six AZAA football seasons, the championship game has been Woodcrest AZA versus Otzma AZA, with the exception of 2016 when the Warriors beat Chapel AZA to win the championship. Otzma AZA has been dominant in all of the finals that they have played, and they have never lost to the Warriors in the championship game. The members of Woodcrest were looking to change this and end a horrible record against Otzma in the most important game of the season. The Warriors had a core group of seniors who had been with the team and chapter for over four years, pouring their heart and skill into each Sunday morning game.

After an intense and high-scoring game, the Warriors of Woodcrest AZA pulled off the win and took the championship. Adam Chazin, a senior and president of Woodcrest AZA said, “Woodcrest really had a great AZAA Football season this year, and we pretty much dominated throughout the year and cruised to the championship game, which was pretty fun. Our seniors gave us huge contributions throughout the season, and it was a great way to end our careers!” It truly was a fantastic season, and the anticipation for the next AZAA season is already growing.

We are all very thankful to Kyle Krell, the SJR BBYO AZA vice president of programming, who is responsible for coordinating the AZAA Football season. The incredible season would not have been possible without all of the hard work and early mornings he dedicated to making sure that this season went flawlessly. We would also like to thank everyone who came out to play and even watch the games on those cold Sundays! Your support, dedication, and love of the sport stayed strong throughout the season and made each game a lot more interesting. Each chapter played as hard as possible, but at the end of the day, the game is all in fun, and we are all just happy that we can all come out and play football with our closest friends on the weekends.

Once again, we are all very thankful for everyone who came out either to show support for their chapter, play in the football games, and the BBGs who came to spend time with their AZA friends. Thank you to the advisors who came out and helped out their chapters as well as Sara Nussbaum, who helped immensely with reffing the games and contributing a lot in general. We cannot wait for the next AZA season and to see which chapter will come out on top! 

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