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Saluting Glenn Fuhrman, born to lead the Jewish Federation

Jewish Federation CEO

Two years ago, Glenn Fuhrman became the president of the Jewish Federation. Glenn is an incredible example of someone who knows our system inside and out. He uses the gym every day, has played basketball for years, and was even JCC president in the past. This Federation has been his home for many years prior to becoming president. In other words, he was born to do this job.

You can imagine my concern when, suddenly, after he became president, he did not answer my emails, calls to his cell phone, or text messages. It was only if I called him at his office and interrupted his day that I could reach him.

One day, about four months in, we were in our weekly meeting and I asked him why he never responds to any messages I send or missed calls on his cell phone. He had no idea what I was talking about. Later that day, when he returned to his office, he learned that he had “inadvertently” blocked me on his phone. Despite our initial missed connections, we had already laid the foundation for a great partnership…and now I could reach him anytime, anywhere.

Glenn is a visionary. He is brilliant; he is warm; he is a leader of exemplary magnitude.

Under Glenn’s leadership, we have changed the way we fundraise and had unbelievable success with JFund and capital raising for 1721. We’ve also been able to unveil our Areas of Impact under his leadership; distributing our resources into five areas that everyone can find a home in—able to help everyone, no matter what area they fall into. Aleph has flourished; we have finally broken ground on our newest project—affordable housing for adults with special needs, and seniors. Glenn has brokered the growth of our endowments, securing that our future continues to thrive.

Glenn is an avid Eagles fan; he never misses a home game. He loves his sneakers and loves to play bridge. He gives 150 percent of himself to every challenge, every family member, and every friend. Glenn has an energy that is contagious. People want to be with him, be around him, and learn from him. I have had the pleasure of traveling with Glenn to Israel, Poland, Prague, Berlin, and Florida. Some of my favorite memories are sharing very late-night ice cream and discussing family, friends, and our community.

Glenn has taken on huge challenges in his two years, and has dealt with issues no one will ever know about. He has ensured that all are treated with dignity and kindness, and that security is paramount in all aspects. He has helped create, educate, and nurture an entire community that will be forever better because of his support and compassion.

Thank you, Glenn, from all of us who know you, respect you, and couldn’t appreciate you more. 


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