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The JFund campaign is closing, and your gift can help us do so much

Federation President

Labor Day has come and gone. A very wet summer has flown by and the High Holidays are already upon us. Here at the Jewish Federation, the High Holidays coincide with the close of our current fiscal year on September 30, 2018. That also means we are quickly approaching the deadline to meet our JFund fundraising goal for this fiscal year.

Each and every one of you is a vital part of the Jewish Federation’s long and proud tradition of building Jewish community, one donor at a time. Your gift to JFund helps provide the necessary supports to our family of agencies, who in turn provide the programs and services our community has come to love and depend on, including lifelong learning classes for active adults, the ACHAD summer camp program at the Katz JCC for those with special needs, subsidized housing in Israel, Holocaust education and interfaith reading programs provided by JCRC, the JFCS domestic abuse programs for families and youth, and so much more.

Your gift to JFund allows the Jewish Federation to be prepared for whatever the future brings: Whether it be responding in times of crisis, enriching Jewish life, here, in Israel and around the world, and caring for those in need. Over 50,000 people are touched each year by the Jewish Federation and its family of agencies, together with hundreds of thousands more as we support our Israeli and overseas partners.

Yes, together, we make an IMPACT. Please consider becoming a donor, or if already a donor, increasing your pledge and making your impact felt today. Imagine the impact we could make if every one of our current donors increased their gift by just a little. If all donors increased their pledge by just $18, we would raise an additional $129,600 for JFund. An increase of $72 would mean an additional $518,400 to help support our community, Jews worldwide, and specifically those in Israel.

I would just like to thank all of you for enabling us to provide programs that enrich both the minds and bodies of older adults; job placement and training for adults with special needs to help them achieve independence; safety measures, security, and well-being for those at-risk in Israel and around the world; helping build meaningful relationships among our Jewish community organizations and people of all other faiths and cultures; providing social services for families and youth struggling with hunger, needing counseling, support groups and financial assistance, and so much more.

We are close to meeting our JFund goal for this year, but we still need your help. Yes, together, we make an IMPACT. Please consider donating online at jewishsouthjersey.org/jfund.

On behalf of the Jewish Federation and myself, I want to wish you and your loved ones a great end of summer, and a happy, healthy, and sweet New Year—a year in which the Jewish Federation and its family of agencies looks forward to continuing to be there for you. Shanah Tovah. 


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