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South Jersey Region looking forward to a great new year

By OWEN SOLER & CHLOE CASTRO Regional Mazkirim

Gearing up for a new BBYO year are (from left), Jared Wilen, Jacob Noble, Jonah Friedman, and Ethan Osias. Gearing up for a new BBYO year are (from left), Jared Wilen, Jacob Noble, Jonah Friedman, and Ethan Osias. As the summer comes to a close, and the new school year arrives, teens around the South Jersey area rejoice as the next BBYO programming year starts! On Aug. 26, members from the area finally got to see their best friends again as South Jersey Region had their fall kickoff on the Spirit of Philadelphia, a luxurious yacht that took the teens through the Delaware River. It was a beautiful night out watching the sunset over the glorious Philadelphia skyline, and the teens had a blast dancing, singing, and getting to talk to old friends and new friends!

Zach Rosenberg, a junior in Marlcrest AZA said, “Kickoff was extremely fun! I really enjoyed catching up with the people I haven’t seen all summer, and I can’t wait for more events in the future!”

We hope that everyone had an amazing time at our Regional Kickoff, and we can’t wait to see everyone at their respective chapter kickoffs. In the upcoming weeks, every chapter in our region is having their own events to start off their year for their chapters. This is a chance for teens to get to know other members on a more personal scale. It truly is a great way for teens to reach out of their own space and try new things. Finding the right chapter and making new friends means making countless memories that will last forever.

Important dates to look out for in our region are October 12th through the 14th! These dates signify our RLTI convention where teens are able to show off their skills that they might have learned through summer programming and regular chapter programming. Members who attend this convention can look forward to a great weekend with engaging programs where they will able to learn a multitude of skills that they can use throughout their lives. All of us in the region are really excited for the new programming year to start with every chapter’s kickoff! Each chapter offers such unique qualities that the events can cater to everyone! Our members are very inclusive, and they make sure that every teen is having a great time at their events. Chapter kickoffs are a perfect place for teens to start experiencing the wonderful benefits of SJR BBYO.

This year for South Jersey Region is going to be a pivotal year, with hundreds of members looking to create a positive environment for everyone around them. Teens are looking forward to expanding their skill sets and making the most of their time in this fantastic organization.

Rayla Marsh, a senior in Ohev BBG, is very excited for the new programming year. “As this is my last year in BBYO, I am looking forward to attending every event and making tons of new memories while leaving my mark on this organization,” said Rayla.

Whether it is certain events, AZAA football, or fundraisers, members are always looking forward to every new programming year. We are all very enthusiastic and eager to see what is to come in this upcoming year, and we can only go up with the help of our amazing teen leaders.

If you would like more information on BBYO, please visit our website bbyo.org/region/sjr or email sjr@bbyo.org. 

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