2018-08-15 / Mideast

Woman appointed to rabbinic court

A woman was appointed to serve as a judicial assistant in an Israeli rabbinic court—one of the most senior positions in the Orthodox-run court system.

The appointment of Shira Ben-Eli was announced by the rabbinical courts administration and the Civil Service Commission to the Jerusalem District Labor Court. The position involves close contact with the court’s decision-making processes, Haaretz reported.

Nearly two years ago ITIM, an organization that seeks to help Israelis navigate the country’s religious bureaucracy, and the Rackman Center at Bar- Ilan University filed a lawsuit calling for equality in Israel s rabbinical courts, particularly for non-rabbinic positions.

In an announcement, the Civil Service Commission and the rabbinical courts administration said: “The respondents are pleased to inform the court that the committee that examined candidates for two positions of judicial assistant in the rabbinic court chose a female candidate for one of the posts. No candidate, male or female, was chosen for the second position as of yet because no applicant was found with suitable knowledge and experience.” (JTA)

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