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Voorhees home becomes set for ‘You Got Ma’amed’ film shoot


The cast of “You Got Ma’amed” includes (from left), Alexandria Benford (Pizza Gal), Michael Kelberg (Calvin), Kate McCarty (Katie), and Isa Goldberg (Mom). The cast of “You Got Ma’amed” includes (from left), Alexandria Benford (Pizza Gal), Michael Kelberg (Calvin), Kate McCarty (Katie), and Isa Goldberg (Mom). The scene opens on a breezy summer evening. It’s date night for a young suburban couple with children. But there’s trouble in paradise.

Kate and Calvin are walking up the picture perfect pathway on a leafy cul-de-sac engaged in an epic marital argument.

Earlier that night, Kate “got ma’amed.”

Although an eyewitness to this verbal slap-in-the-face, Calvin just doesn’t get it. He chuckled!—adding to his wife’s chagrin.

“You Got Ma’amed” will very likely hit home with both men and women who have ever been flummoxed by gender differences in the emotional realm. For Dana and David Dunkelman, the scene literally took place at their home. The short film, shot over the course of a day in mid- July, has a decidedly South Jersey imprint. The brainchild of Cherry Hill resident Michael Kelberg, it was inspired by real-life events and co-produced by his Cherry Hill neighbor Jennifer Dollinger-Woods.

Although all of the actors, with the exception of Kelberg, are New York City-based, the car used for a pizza delivery scene belongs to 19-year-old Ben Snyder. On shooting day, South Jersey friends and family stopped by to catch a glimpse of the activity taking place behind doors and windows that were covered over by trash bags to keep out the daylight.

Kelberg—a versatile writer/actor and director who has shot and starred in films, TV and commercials—is perhaps best known for his campy parodies of popular songs featuring JEW-Z and including “What Does Your Mom Say?” (a viral video also shot in the Dunkelman house).

He was working on an unrelated set three years ago when he overheard someone say she got “ma’amed.” That struck him as funny. The first iteration of his vision was much shorter. With help from Woods, he fleshed it out, focusing more on the relationship between the husband and the wife, he said.

“It’s a funny take on what it does to a woman’s psyche when she gets

‘ma’amed’ for the first time,” said Kelberg, a Temple Beth Sholom congregant. “It’s a fun interaction between Calvin and Kate that speaks to some of the differences between men and women, and what we are emotional about—or not.”

During a break in filming, actress Kate McCarty, who plays Katie, and Isa Goldberg, playing Katie’s mother, discussed their own brushes with being “ma’amed.”

McCarty said she’d been “ma’amed” a few times in the South, but chalked it up as a Southern sign of respect. When it happened recently in the North, it gave her pause.

“I thought, ‘Oh no, am I there already?’” said McCarty, whose credits include “Law & Order SVU.”

Goldberg said she has had a different experience.

“If I got ‘ma’amed’ I would expect it,” said Goldberg, who only recently returned to acting after a career as a journalist and a stint as president of the Drama Desk. “I get sir, and I don’t know why. I used to have really short hair but I’ve grown my hair out and I still get sir. I think they’re being polite.”

Both said they were drawn to the humor in the script

“I love comedy,” said McCarty, a Lancaster native. “Reading the script, I thought it was hilarious.”

Although filming was wrapped in a day, Kelberg is still raising money through Indigogo for funds for film festivals for the 2019 season.

“It’s a real passion project,” said Kelberg, who recently signed on to a pilot as an actor with a major network but cannot disclose more about the project. “It’s so exciting finally to get it going. There’s so much involved, even for an eight-minute film.”

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