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Parents and kids love the quality time

PJ Library is an important program that supports families in their Jewish journey by providing Jewish-themed books and music for children. With 1,225 local children currently enrolled in the program, kids can grow up with music in their hearts and stories in their imaginations. PJ Library offers one book or music CD each month for free.

Our PJ Parents are such a huge part of our PJ Library organization. And we wanted to share their stories.

Say hello to David and his son, Micah!

“My son, Micah, is three. The best part of my day as a parent is lying in bed with him as we read him stories before bedtime. It’s engaging for him, and a great excuse to cuddle! Our favorite book is ‘Good Night, Laila Tov.’ My least favorite part is when he wakes up before our alarm clock goes off. We love to see him and he brightens up our day, but so does more sleep.

“But every night we take a bath, brush our teeth, get dressed, and hop into bed. We read three books, and undoubtedly the majority are PJ books. When we are done, we say the Shema and go to sleep—and that’s my favorite reading ritual with him.”

PJ Library, a national program for children ages 0-8, sends children free Jewish books each month. Local PJ Library events for young children and their families are held every few months, usually at a synagogue or the JCC. It is a program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, made possible through partnerships with local philanthropists and the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey.

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