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Aleph Home Care brings light into lives

Aleph Home Care first met “Daniel” the week before his mother left for a summer in Jerusalem, so that he would know who would be stopping by the house once a week to check in.

Daniel was dressed in old, ripped clothing that looked very dirty, although his mom assured us that it was the norm. Our nurse sat down in the kitchen with them, but he never once made eye contact with her or spoke to her. It was hard to know if he realized someone would be stopping in to see him.

The first Wednesday that Aleph was scheduled to go see Daniel, he came to the door dressed exactly as he had been the week before. Our aide walked into the house and, as instructed, looked around to ensure all was well. She asked Daniel if he needed anything, but he shook his head to indicate that he was fine.

Our aide went again the following week, but this time Daniel was outside waiting for her. He told her he was doing some gardening. They went into the house and a moment later, he told her he had a question. He ran to his room, got a book, and asked our aide a question about the book. This was really the first time that he acknowledged her. They spoke for a moment, and then she left.

A few weeks later, our aide arrived on Wednesday to check on Daniel. This time, he was dressed in new clothes! It was obvious that he had been waiting for her to arrive. They only spoke for a couple of minutes, but she could tell that her weekly visits had begun to make a difference in Daniel’s Wednesdays.

Aleph was able to add a bit of light into Daniel’s days, and that is what brightens our days as well.

Aleph Home Care is there for your every home care need, from as little as one hour a day to 24/7 live-in care. Learn more about Aleph Home Care at alephsnj.org or call (856) 685-5700.

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