2018-06-06 / Mideast

Israeli rabbinate rejecting certain US Orthodox rabbis

An internal correspondence document written by a senior member of Israel’s Rabbinical Courts rejects the authority of all rabbis who receive their ordination from a yeshiva located in New York.

The document, obtained by Itim, a nonprofit that guides Israelis through the country’s religious bureaucracy, shows that despite the haredi Orthodox-dominated Chief Rabbinate’s insistence that there are no criteria or blacklists for recognition of rabbis abroad, the Rabbinate rejects the halachic authority of certain Orthodox rabbis in the United States

The document, written in March by Rabbi Asher Ehrentreu, a senior member of the administration of the Rabbinical Courts, states that rabbis who serve in communities across the United States who were ordained by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, an institution established by Rabbi Avi Weiss of the Bronx in 1999, “call themselves Orthodox,” and “are not recognized by the Rabbinate of Israel.”

The edict affects some 124 rabbis ordained by the yeshiva. (JTA)

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