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See the top attractions Israel has to offer

Not sure what to expect from our Israel 70 Mission? There’s something for everyone, no matter what your Jewish identity is.

Interested in hiking and seeing the sights? You’ll visit the Tel Dan Nature Reserve for a walk along the Dan River, one of Israel’s major sources of water. You’ll ascend the Golan Heights, and even have a chance to go on a nature hike at the Sataf, one of Israel’s many parks outside of Jerusalem.

Or maybe food is more to your liking. You’ll enjoy a dinner of biblical cuisine at the Eucalyptus Restaurant, which will include a meeting with chef Moshe Basson, who specializes in preparing foods based on ingredients native to Israel. You’ll visit one of the Golan’s leading wineries for a wine tasting, and you’ll have a chance to make a stop at a Jerusalem challah bakery to see the time-honored tradition of challah making.

Or perhaps you’re excited to explore the cities. Discover the quaint alleyways, art galleries, and synagogues of the mystical city of Tsfat. You can make a late-night visit to the Machane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem’s after-hours center of great people, food, music, and fun. And you’ll explore the multi-ethnic weave of the Old City, beginning with the Ramparts Walk along the rooftops from Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate.

Regardless, you’ll have numerous opportunities to see your JFund dollars at work. Throughout your travels you’ll visit several programs that provide perspectives on the work of the Jewish Federation and the people comprising Israeli society. You’ll also learn about the current geopolitical climate from local Israeli experts. Drive along the Syrian border on Jeeps, exploring the complex relationship between Israel and Syria, and visit the heart of the Israeli government, with a special briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Check out the full itinerary, and register now on our website: https://www.jewishsouthjersey.org/israelmission

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