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New song leaders ready to inspire South Jersey Region

Regional Mazkirim

Hannah Borenstein and Evelin Cloth leading South Jersey Region BBYO in Havdalah and Song Session. Hannah Borenstein and Evelin Cloth leading South Jersey Region BBYO in Havdalah and Song Session. There is only one language that is truly universal: Music. South Jersey Region has been lucky enough to have had amazing teen song leaders over the past years who have been able to create a comfortable environment for all. Their ability to bring everyone together and make new and wonderful memories is inspiring. As the region says goodbye to our senior song leader, Anna Fleisher, we are excited to welcome in three talented new song leaders, Luke Stander, Evelin Cloth, and Hannah Borenstein, who were learning from Anna this school year.

Luke is a proud member of Marlcrest AZA #2149, and Evelin and Hannah are both dedicated members of Dafna BBG #1110. All three teens are going to be rising sophomores who can’t wait to make an impact in the community! Additionally, Hannah, Luke and Evelin will be song leading at JCC Camps at Medford this summer.

Hannah, Evelin and Luke all attended Lift Every Voice (LEV), the second annual song leadership training convention at the Capital Camps outside Baltimore from May 11th to May 13th. LEV is a weekend-long conference for people who aspire to song lead, either in a camp or youth movement setting. It was truly a weekend for growth, learning, and community building. We were able to ask some questions to these teens to get to know more about their experience at LEV and to get to know more about SJR’s young and dedicated song leaders!

“What were you most looking forward to at LEV?”

Luke: “The ability to work with some experienced musicians and song leaders and to learn from them.”

Evelin: “I was looking forward to learning how to song lead for younger children and meeting other attendees from across the globe.”

Are there any new things that you would like to incorporate in song sessions and Shabbat in SJR?

Luke: “I think what we are doing right now is awesome, but we will definitely be adding in more interactive pieces to draw more people in.”

Evelin: “Hannah, Luke, and I want to bring a few songs into our song sessions and nigunim or short tunes to our Shabbat services.”

What is your favorite thing about song sessions and Shabbat?

Luke: “Just the way music fuses religion and music and uses the product of those two things to bring a group of people and create amazing moments!”

Evelin: “My favorite thing about song sessions is how, as a song leader, you are able to bring people together through music. My favorite thing about Shabbat is how some prayers don’t have a set tune, so there are so many ways to sing them, which makes it unique in every service.”

What was your favorite memory from LEV?

Evelin: “My favorite memory would have to be on the first night when I was hanging out with Luke, Hannah, and our new friends Micha, Seth, Ayden, and Alex, just jamming out until about one in the morning!”

Song sessions allow members in South Jersey Region to get a lot closer with their peers, and these moments truly show how these teens aren’t just friends but family as well. Both song sessions and Shabbat services play an integral role in SJR’s community, and we truly can’t wait to see what these teens can do!

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