2018-05-09 / Mideast

Netanyahu, Trump administration condemn remarks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned what he called “another anti-Semitic speech” by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

“With utmost ignorance and brazen gall, he claimed that European Jews were persecuted and murdered not because they were Jews but because they gave loans with interest,” Netanyahu said a day after Abbas addressed the Palestinian National Council in Ramallah.

“Abu Mazen again recited the most contemptible anti-Semitic canards,” Netanyahu said, using Abbas’ nom de guerre. “Apparently the Holocaust denier is still a Holocaust denier.”

Members of the Trump administration also blasted the remarks.

Jason Greenblatt, President Donald Trump’s chief Middle East peace negotiator, in a tweet wrote that “President Abbas’ remarks must be unconditionally condemned by all. They are very unfortunate, very distressing and terribly disheartening. Peace cannot be built on this kind of foundation.” (JTA)

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