2018-04-11 / Federation

Federation focuses on those with special needs

The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey impacts the lives of those living with special needs with numerous programs and services dedicated to helping individuals with special needs meet their highest potential, living independent and fulfilled lives.

The Jewish Federation helps 1,800 people each month find special needs resources through the Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) website. The JAA recently expanded its resource offerings to include a new web series and workshops. JAA Your Way is an online video series that offers a live Q&A with experts in the field of special needs. The Transition Planning workshop series covers a wide range of transition options in collaboration with our Samost Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) and our Katz Jewish Community Center (JCC). Other topical workshops and events include Grandparenting 201 for grandparents of kids with special needs and Autism Goes to the Movies.

Individuals with special needs have the right to seek real jobs for real pay and lead meaningful and productive lives by working within their community. Last year, JFCS helped 145 young adults with job coaching, vocational placement, and mentorship to achieve that goal. But, life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Last year, JFCS also held 116 social and recreational events for young adults with special needs, offering them an opportunity to meet new friends and have fun. And the JCC helped 119 children with special needs enjoy an inclusive summer camp experience. With special accommodations, these children can fully participate in camp with their age-appropriate peers.

The Jewish Federation is breaking ground soon on a new affordable housing project that will allow individuals with special needs to live independently in cluster-style apartments with onsite wraparound services. More details coming soon!

This is only a snapshot of how the Jewish Federation family makes an IMPACT on individuals with special needs.

Learn more at jewishsouthjersey.org/specialneeds.

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