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South Jersey Region celebrates and thanks its advisors

Regional Mazkirim

Ohev BBG Advisor Deborah Borenstein and Ohev BBG member Abi Prutchi met up outside a BBYO event to say hi to each other. Ohev BBG Advisor Deborah Borenstein and Ohev BBG member Abi Prutchi met up outside a BBYO event to say hi to each other. The end of March marked the end of BBYO’s Advisor Appreciation Month, a special month within the organization. Advisors work tirelessly to ensure their chapter runs fluidly, keeping in constant communication with the board and chapter president. While they receive much recognition from their chapters all year round, this month is devoted to them in many ways.

A chapter advisor is a volunteer position, meaning they commit to BBYO for free. They attend all chapter board meetings, chapter events, and help assist in the function of the chapter. They also attend multiple regional conventions to help keep an eye on the attendees and ensure nothing goes wrong. Advisors are the backbone of chapters—they put in so much hard work and dedication. In addition to their daily routines, they dedicate a great amount of time and energy to help our SJR BBYO teens succeed in their respective chapters and the region. Some of our advisors were SJR members themselves, while other advisors were not involved as a teen but saw the impact of an advisor and have taken on this role with excitement.

In past years and even this year, Advisor Appreciation Month has included many forms of gratitude from the chapters to their advisors. Some chapters have done mass texting rallies, where many members text the advisor at the same time thanking them for the work they have done. Other chapters have tweeted appreciation posts and tagged their advisors. For example,

Dafna BBG tweeted at their advisors, calling them “the best advisors in the Order” and adding a funny meme that depicts Buddy from “Elf” saying, “I love you!”

“Our advisors have done so much for every member of our chapter. In order to honor them and thank them for their hard work and dedication, we created a scrapbook for each one of our advisors to give to them at the end of the term,” said Lauren Petrone, past president of Dafna BBG. “The scrapbooks were filled with personal thank-you notes from members and favorite memories from others.”

The Alephs also appreciate their advisors and owe the success of their chapters to them.

Justen Joffe, the president of Chapel AZA, has nothing but commendation for the chapter’s advisor, Jon Imhoff.

“When I first became [president] of Chapel, there laid a huge task in front of us. To be quite frank, the amazing help Jon provided was what pushed the term over the top. We doubled our numbers, made our programming more meaningful and inspiring, are sending a record number of summer program delegates, and above all, we maintained our amazing brotherhood,” said Joffe.

In addition to the social media gratitude to the advisors, some chapters present their advisors with gifts and presents in return for their service. Advisors are the unsung heroes of BBYO, and chapters simply cannot flourish without their assistance. Their work does not go unnoticed, and Advisor Appreciation Month presents this notion.

SJR BBYO is always looking for advisors! If you or someone you know is interested in joining the great SJR Advisor team, please email Associate Regional Director Sara Nussbaum at snussbaum@bbyo.org. 

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