2018-03-14 / Mideast

Hezbollah fearing an Israeli attack

Hezbollah reportedly has declared a state of emergency, fearing an Israeli attack. The report in ARai al-Yum, an Arabic-language daily based in London, said that the Shiite militia has been on alert, at least in southern Lebanon, in anticipation of an Israeli strike on its forces or facilities. Citing sources within Hezbollah, the newspaper said the alert was over “secret maneuvers” that Hezbollah believes that the Israel Defense Forces has been carrying out recently.

Last month, Israel struck in Syria over what Israel said was a violation of its airspace by an unnamed aircraft that was being controlled by an Iranian command post in Syria. One of the fighter planes that carried out the strike crashed near Israel’s northern border after its pilots safely ejected.

Iran is an ally of the regime of Syria’s embattled president, Bashar Assad. (JTA)

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