2018-01-31 / Voice at the Shore

New monthly Israeli investment club is forming

Do you want to learn about and invest in Israeli technology that we use in everyday life? Meet new friends and learn the process of investing?

A new club is forming to do just that. The club, which will meet monthly, will invest in publicly-traded Israeli companies that produce commonly-used products, technology and services on a daily basis. Often, people are unaware that companies responsible are Israeli.

New and experienced investors are both welcome to join the club, which offers members the opportunity to socialize and meet new people as well as to learn how to invest small amounts of money and ultimately become long-term investors. The club’s goal is to build a portfolio of Israeli growth companies that members can identify with.

Club members will learn to research and invest as a group and share that information with fellow club members at monthly meetings. The club will also learn about and support the State of Israel. For further details, please contact Jerry Savoy at (609) 927-4044, or email Jerrold.savoy@lothomas.com. 

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