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South Jersey Region gets hyped for its biggest event of the year

Regional Mazkirim

Benjamin Fallick is representing Woodcrest AZA in its bid for the Tower of Spam. Benjamin Fallick is representing Woodcrest AZA in its bid for the Tower of Spam. The first weekend of February is always a fun one. Most noticeably, it is the weekend of Super Bowl Sunday, but in terms of South Jersey Region BBYO, it is Tournies weekend. Tournies is always the most attended regional event, with more than 300 teenagers attending each year. It is a 12-hour, spirit-color war competition where chapters battle it out in “song, sign and cheer,” athletic competition, and much more.

This year’s Tournies will be held Feb. 3-4, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. A new location is also in play for this year, as the event returns to the Katz JCC. This gives members more space and opportunities to help their chapter be crowned the champion.

“This year, we rented out the whole JCC to expand our athletic and creative programming spaces,” said Anna Fleisher, the Region S’ganit and co-coordinator of the event.

Upon arrival, each chapter is given an hour to prepare their song and cheer. From there, the opening ceremony kicks off the event, where each chapter performs their song and cheer. Then the athletic competitions commence, culminating in late-night dodgeball, a Tournies tradition and favorite.

Every year, Tournies is seen as a hype-up leading to the Super Bowl, which kicks off 12 hours after the event ends. This year will have even more hype-up with the Eagles playing in the Super Bowl that Sunday.

“Be on the lookout for some Eagles spirit at Tournies,” said Ben Fallick, the Regional S’gan and other co-coordinator of the event. “The spirit of Tournies with chapter enthusiasm will come together as the community unites for the Super Bowl.”

This year’s Tournies is on track to be the best one yet, and has lots of reason to spark excitement. There are lots of new and creative additions to the docket, additions that have not been seen in past years.

Fleisher said, “Unlike years before, we have exciting surprises at Tournies, a plethora of programs to cater every single person’s interest, and even more opportunities to win points.”

“This year at Tournies, we are incorporating storytelling and oratory, two speaking competitions that highlight some of the new less-athletic competitions we have,” said Fallick.

This year there is also a theme to Tournies. It is SJRify: The Tournies Playlist. Each chapter chose a music genre and will stick to that theme all night. Their song will relate to the theme, and their wardrobe will as well.

“The theme allows every chapter to express its spirit through the genre of their choice,” said Fleisher.

Tournies is an event that nobody forgets, even alumni from years past. It is the ultimate competition and spirit convention that everyone looks forward to.

For more information on registering, contact the BBYO office at sjr@bbyo.org. 

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