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Make an impact at Super Sunday/Week starting on Jan. 28

Federation President

As 2017 came to an artic end, we here at the Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey are staying warm and preparing for Super Sunday/Week. Not only does the week of Super Sunday account for one-third of our JFund’s annual campaign goal, but it is also one of the biggest fundraisers of any kind in our area, raising over $1- million in a single week of donations and pledges, and community building. Every dollar raised during Super Sunday/Week makes an impact on tens of thousands of people in our community and around the globe. This year’s Super Sunday/Week starts January 28 and continues through February 1.

We’ll kick off Super Sunday/Week with a special event on Jan. 21, where Federation leadership and other community leaders will “Dive into the Fundraising Treasure Cove: A Next-Level Fundraising Discussion.” This event will be led by fundraising expert Lou Cove, a senior advisor for the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF), which supports Jewish communities in Western Massachusetts, throughout America, and around the world. Federation leadership will stay after the session with Lou Cove in order to make the initial calls for this year’s

Super Sunday/-Week.

While Super Sunday makes quite an impact for JFund, JFund continues to make an impact in South Jersey and around the world by helping older adults, individuals with special needs, and family and youth; creating global connections; all of which is achieved while engaging the community. In 2017, over 3,600 older adults received home care and other assistance to help them age in place in their own homes. Aleph Home Care expanded its service hours by 60 percent, and 200 older adults now know how to utilize ridesharing technology, allowing them to remain independent even if they can no longer drive themselves.

In 2017, JFund dollars helped over 24,000 students learn about the lessons of the Holocaust. JFund has also enabled 120 current and rising community leaders to graduate from the Federation Leadership Institute (FLI) with an education in Jewish communal leadership and an inspiration to help grow and sustain our vibrant Jewish community.

PJ Library, which will be hosting a family-friendly Tzedakah Party on Super Sunday, surpassed the 63,000 mark on books mailed to children in South Jersey in 2017. Currently, 425 local students are enrolled in the Gift of Israel program, which is helping send 35 students from area synagogues to Israel this winter.

In 2017, approximately 1,800 individuals per month found special needs resources though the Jewish Abilities Alliance website. About 145 individuals with special needs received job coaching, vocational placement, and mentorship opportunities, and our Federation family offered over 116 recreational events for young adults with special needs.

Your Super Sunday donations and pledges help to fund our support for Israel and underserved Jewish communities worldwide. The Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) raises and distributes $3-billion annually to fund social welfare programs, social services, and educational programs to support community growth beyond the borders of the United States.

Last year, we allocated nearly $3.3-million to our Federation and its family of agencies and to our national and overseas partners, and those allocations came from donors like you. Consider volunteering or donating during Super Sunday/Week starting January 28. Thanks again to the Marvin Samson Foundation, which will again match new and increased gifts this year, doubling the impact of those gifts!

In the end, it’s people like you, who through your caring and generosity, truly make an impact.

Learn more and register at jewishsouthjersey.org/supersunday.


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