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Help save the planet with an app created by Burlco tech firm


A Burlington County tech firm is fighting back against the government’s lack of concern about climate change with a smartphone app that educates users about steps they can take to help the environment, and easy ways to track that behavior.

The app, “Greenie – Save the Planet,” lets smartphone users stay up to date on news about climate change, gives advice on reducing a user’s personal carbon footprint, and opportunities to engage in political activism around the environment or purchase trees for planting.

The app, “Greenie – Save the Planet,” was announced as a direct response to the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

Greenie was developed by Micro Integration Services Inc. of Medford. You can download it for free for Android or Apple phones. More information is on the website, greenieapp.com.

“We know there are millions of people out there who firmly believe in global warming and are committed to doing their part to reverse it,” said Glenn Smith, MIS president, in a press release. “In light of our Administration’s current disinterest in sustaining many climate change policies, people are angry. We wanted to create something that would give them the tools to continue their part in the battle every day.”

Users can read a curated collection of news stories about environmental issues, learn about behaviors that improve the environment, and keep track of how many steps they are taking in their personal lives to improve the environment. By choosing from a list of activities that include such suggestions as “Unplug chargers when not in use,” app users can keep track of personal environmental efforts. The app also includes an “Activism” page that lists phone numbers to call the White House or Congress.

The app provides a daily summary of how much CO2 a user has eliminated, how much oxygen they’ve generated, and how much money they’ve saved, based on the actions they’ve engaged in and recorded on the app. The app also tracks the results of all users, and displays a daily update.

Most scientists agree global warming is real and primarily caused by too much CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 traps heat surrounding the earth, which prevents the sun’s energy from escaping, effectively raising the earth’s temperature. CO2 is mainly caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

App users can arrange for the planting of trees through the U.S. Forestry Service. One tree costs $4.99, two cost $8.99. With a purchase of five trees for $21.99, you get a free bumper sticker, and for 10 trees ($39.99) a T-shirt, and if you plant 25 trees ($89.99) you get a tote bag. Trees can be planted as a gift in someone’s honor, and a certificate will be sent.

“Many people don’t realize that one mature tree can generate enough oxygen to support two people every day,” said Smith. “That’s why it’s so critical that we continue to plant trees to replace the forests we lose due to fires, harvesting, drought and disease.”

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