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PJ Library Radio offers upbeat Jewish musical for kids

Looking for an alternative to Christmas music for your kids or grandkids this holiday season? Try PJ Library Radio.

Launched last month by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s PJ Library program, PJ Library Radio provides a constant stream of upbeat and positive Jewish music for children wherever Internet service is available. This music can be accessed either through a free app, which can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, or on the web at www.pjlibraryradio.com.

“PJ Library radio is a great idea!” said Susan Weis, executive director of the Board of Jewish Education, who runs the PJ Library Program for Atlantic and Cape May Counties. Tuning in to PJ Library Radio assures parents and grandparents that they “don’t have to worry about inappropriate songs coming up, especially around the holidays,” said Weis, who plans to incorporate the music into local PJ Library events for young children.

PJ Library, a national program for children ages 0-8, sends children free Jewish books each month. Local PJ Library events for young children and their families are also held every few months, usually at a synagogue or the JCC. The Grinspoon Foundation, which created PJ Library and PJ Library Radio, also recently began a program for tweens called PJ Our Way, which engages older children in Jewish reading and learning.

According to PJLibrary- Radio.com: “PJ Library Radio was launched to share inspirational music with tens of thousands of PJ Library families and their friends throughout the world. PJ Library music celebrates Jewish themes, holidays, traditions and values.”

Music offered ranges from camp-style guitar music, to Jewish light rock, to lullabies. “The music selected for PJ Library Radio includes a diversity of types of music, a variety of themes that reflect the mission of PJ Library, and songs that are developmentally appropriate for children,” the website noted.

For more information on any of the PJ Library programs, contact Susan Weis at PJLibraryatlantic@gmail.com or (609) 822-1854. s

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