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South Jersey Region reaches out for #GivingBBYOday

By CHELSEA STERN Regional Aym Ha-Chaverot

SJR BBYO teens (from left), making calls to support #GivingBBYOday, were Maddie Broder, Laura Frantz, and Sophie Sable. SJR BBYO teens (from left), making calls to support #GivingBBYOday, were Maddie Broder, Laura Frantz, and Sophie Sable. South Jersey Region gathered on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving to delve into a night of fundraising on #GivingBBYOday. To honor and celebrate the 57th year of BBYO in our community, Alephs and BBGs of South Jersey launched a campaign with a goal to raise 5,700 dollars in 57 days, from October 9 to December 4.

Representatives from the region kicked off the fundraiser at the Jewish Federation Commons. The hours spent reaching out to generous alumni, family and friends were complete with a social atmosphere of pizza, music, and constant social media promotion.

The approximately 30 BBYO teens in attendance expressed their passion for the organization by relaying the message of its impact on their lives to friends and family. Whether they have spent under a year in BBYO or have just one year left, the Alephs and BBGs vouched for the cause that helped mold them into Jewish leaders.

“By sharing my positive experiences and how BBYO has impacted me, so the donors know that their money or donation… is going to a rightful cause,” said John Palitto, a junior of Otzma AZA.

Even the Alephs and BBGs, who attended with intentions of contacting potential donors, donated what they could to the cause, benefitting themselves and their fellow Jewish teen leaders.

“I proudly sponsored BBYO’s…Giving Tuesday fundraiser by inputting five dollars of my own funds,” said Joe Hochberg, a freshman of Woodcrest AZA.

Each donation, whether it was a single dollar or a few hundred dollars, was written up on a running list, filled with names of the charitable families and individuals. Following a donor’s contribution, the success was celebrated with a bang to the SJR gong. Participants who were successful in receiving a donation were entered in a raffle for exclusive BBYO swag. The incentives heightened the excitement in the room and the honor in writing the donor’s name up on the goal sheet.

While a room filled with cheers at each and every announcement of a new donation, encouraged even more support, #GivingBBYOday itself sparked a desire to help the BBYO staff improve and grow the South Jersey Jewish community and its teen leadership programming.

“I feel like the donations that we are all bringing in will really enhance programming for future events,” said Laura Frantz, a sophomore of Ohev BBG.

Beyond the financial support, #GivingBBYOday brought together the Jewish community— BBYO teens, parents, staff, alumni and those who see just as much value in expanding upon the potential of South Jersey Region BBYO.

“Giving Tuesday helps us to spread our love of BBYO outside of our Jewish community,” said Lizzie Cohen, a junior of Chevrah BBG. 

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