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New author talks about passion for Judaism, financial planning


TOWN: Cherry Hill

OCCUPATION: Certified Financial Planner, President of Levy & Associates, Philadelphia

FAMILY: Wife Suzanne; Sons Ben, 20, Jonathan, 17, and Lewis, 14


Think about it, as Victor Levy did.

A kitchen table is a safe and friendly place. It’s not intimidating the way an office or a conference room might be.

So when Levy began writing his book about financial planning for families, he made a wise choice and called it “The Kitchen Table Financial Plan.” And what this Cherry Hill native managed to do is to demystify what can seem the daunting map to a sound financial life.

Levy is an articulate, caring professional who is a member of a growing family company that has as its calling to help others feel informed and empowered as they look ahead in their financial lives at any stage of life.

Levy comes well prepared for his own life’s work. His path included a BA in English Literature from Boston University, where he realized his passion for literature and writing.

This son of Leon and Fran Bressler Levy would then go on to earn a law degree, a masters in law, and also the designation of Certified Public Accountant.

Throw in a CLU designation from the American College in Bryn Mawr, and you’ve got a man with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to use it well.

“I really began my interest in financial planning as a natural extension of the work that my father had begun as a life insurance professional,” said Levy, who admittedly was happy enough simply selling insurance.

“But soon after I got into the field, I recognized that people needed a lot more help with other things as well. I began helping them in long-term care planning, disability planning, retirement planning and other goals,” he explained.

A special interest and passion of Levy’s within the Levy Wealth Management Group is his commitment to older clients who may not feel confident and/or comfortable about their own futures. A specialized program that Victor Levy will be shepherding and managing is teaching older clients to use technology in organizing their financial lives. “I see it as a valuable skill and an important tool,” said Levy, who clearly has the best interests of those who may have deep concerns about their financial futures.

If there is another powerful commitment in this local man’s life, it’s to Judaism.

Victor Levy’s heritage, like his wife Suzanne’s, is a blend of Sephardic and Ashkenazy cultures, and those roots have defined the Levy family for an entire century. Along with their deep involvement at Cong. Beth El, the Levys have been part of Philadelphia’s historic Mikveh Israel Synagogue, where Leon Levy served as president for more than three decades.

“Our family is rooted in Judaism, and we all believe in making our Jewish community better and stronger,” said this man who seems to have the time and energy for all aspects of his life, from the personal and familial to the larger world.

The addition of “writer” to his credentials has given Levy yet another passion. His talents as a writer have not gone unnoticed.

“All our lives, we have heard, ‘A penny saved is a penny earned,’” observed Ilya Girlya, president of Diggerland USA. “‘The Kitchen Table Financial Plan’ presents a realistic, modern story of what happens when we spend beyond our limits and never consider a rainy day.”

Noted Ken Silver, president of Jim’s Steaks on South Street, “Finally someone takes the dizzying world of personal finance from the pages of the Sunday business section and distills it into straightforward concepts…”

For Victor Levy himself, the rewards of writing the book have been deeply personal. His greatest satisfaction, he explained, is that the book helps readers understand that at the heart of his work and his book is the important message that the financial planner truly cares about his/her clients as we should care about one another,” said this expert.

And that caring seems to come into flower at the place so many of us love to be: The kitchen table. Yes, it’s also where Victor Levy himself loves to be with his wife and three sons.

“For me,” he said, “the kitchen table is a sacred place.”

“The Kitchen Table Financial Plan” is available through Amazon. 

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