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South Jersey Region already excited about BBYO Summer 2018!

Regional Mazkirim

Brett Eisenberg, Jed Friedman, and Owen Soler representing BBYO on #CampTshirtDay. Brett Eisenberg, Jed Friedman, and Owen Soler representing BBYO on #CampTshirtDay. South Jersey Region recently held its second BBYO Night of the programming year. This BBYO Night had a twist to it, however, as it was Summer Program themed. The purpose of the night was to promote BBYO Summer Program registration, which opened on November 2nd. Summer Programs include Chapter Leadership Training Conference, International Leadership Training Conference, BBYO Passport, and much more.

For the first part of the night, the Alephs (boys) held chapter meetings while the BBGs (girls) held a panel on Summer Programs, where members were given the chance to ask questions about the programs to those that have been on them. It was a great opportunity for members to learn about all the experiences they can have while in BBYO.

“This past summer, I went on StandUp! D.C. and by being on the panel I got to share details about the program with the region,” said Lauren Atkin of Ohev BBG.

For the second hour, the regional board coordinated a program that gave members a taste of what each Summer Program feels like, Escape the Room style. The program consisted of four rooms, each being a different Summer Program. Within those rooms, there were stations that gave members an idea of what happens at each Summer Program.

While in the CLTC (Chapter Leadership Training Conference) room, members were told about creating mock chapters at CLTC, which includes a chapter name, number, and mascot. Their task was to match each chapter name in SJR to the appropriate mascot and number. The second task was to list the order of board positions to symbolize the mock board that is elected at CLTC. Then, members had to jello joust, which is a widely popular game played at CLTC. The final task was to locate a hidden induction pin, to show how members are inducted into the International Order at CLTC.

From the CLTC room, members delved directly into ILTC (BBYO’s second level leadership training, International Leadership Training Conference). To learn more about ILTC, members were tasked with creating an outline to a convention to represent the Blueprint sessions that help members frame their communities. Then members, also, wrote down the names of two prospects to show the techniques used to grow the order. Finally, members lit tea candles to represent the Camp Perlman Tree glowing in the night, a popular sight at ILTC.

The next room was focused on International Kallah (BBYO’s summer program focusing on Jewish Identity). At this station, members practiced the blessing sung after meals, the Birkat Ha-Mazon. In addition, they had to name the Five Books of Moses and guess Jewish celebrities’ pictures.

The final room was ILSI (International Leadership Seminar in Israel) and StandUp! (BBYO’s platform for Service, Philanthropy and Advocacy). Members located cities in Israel on a map and historic places in Washington D.C. to teach them about the places they can travel while experiencing these impactful programs.

“The program really helped our members gain a new understanding for why summer experiences are so important, an understanding that these members will use to either attend programs themselves or to recruit other members to go on these programs,” said Jed Friedman, the Regional Moreh. As the Moreh, his job is to promote summer experiences and make sure members attend.

South Jersey Region already has 27 members signed up, and is looking forward to having more after running this program. 

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