2017-10-25 / Letters

Why the silence on the plight of the Kurds?

For most of my adult life I can remember liberals and progressives advocating on behalf of the “Palestinians.” They have made claims against Israel for what they call an illegal occupation of the “Palestinian people.” During that same time period—but having started far earlier—the Kurdish people have also demanded an independent state.

One would think that the Kurds would have garnered far more support considering their distinct language and culture for centuries. Yet, if you ask these same advocates for Palestinian statehood about statehood for the Kurds, they are conspicuously silent.

Recently, 90% of Kurds voted for statehood in a non-binding referendum. It appears that the liberals’ demand for equality and the end to “occupation” does not include the Kurdish people. Perhaps Alan Dershowitz was correct when he said it has far less to do with the rigorousness of the cause and far more to do with who is the perceived oppressor.

Where is the indignation of my liberal Jewish friends who are so upset about the “Palestinians” when it comes to the plight of the Kurds? Sadly, the entire world has always looked at Israel— a country that has had a greater positive impact on the entire world than any other country over its short 69-year history— in a way that is different than any other country.

G-d bless Israel!

Nelson Berman
Cherry Hill

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