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First BBYO night of the year was a huge success

Regional S’ganim

At BBYO night, Emma Weiss (left) and Morgan Fisher promoted RLTI, BBYO’s first convention of the year. At BBYO night, Emma Weiss (left) and Morgan Fisher promoted RLTI, BBYO’s first convention of the year. South Jersey Region BBYO closed out the month of September with its first BBYO night of the year. After a successful regional kickoff at Sahara Sam’s and multiple chapter kickoffs, members of South Jersey Region came together to continue the great beginning of the year.

BBYO nights are Sunday nights each month where the members of South Jersey Region come to the JCC for two hours of fun; one hour being with each member’s chapter and one as a whole region. During chapter time, chapters usually run a meeting to pass motions and update the chapter on business, run a chapter program or activity that they did not have time to do at an event, or just hang out and get to know the members of the chapter better.

Sophie Sable, Ohev BBG’s N’siah (President) said, “We accomplished all of our business at hand, and it was nice to see the girls again.”

During regional time, the members of SJR participated in a program planned by the two of us, the Regional S’ganim (Vice Presidents of Programming), Anna Fleisher and Ben Fallick. The program we planned revolved around TV game shows. The game shows used in the program were Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, The Newlywed Game, and The Price is Right. Each game had different sources of trivia, from facts about BBYO to pop culture references to questions about the regional board and chapters.

“BBYO night was awesome because we got to see all the chapters and all the members unified as one region again,” said Brett Eisenberg, SJR’s Regional Godol (President).

Towards the end of BBYO night, some announcements were made to let the members of SJR know about some of the happenings in the region. Announcements were made about upcoming fundraisers, community opportunities, and about SJR’s upcoming fall convention, Regional Leadership Training Institute, or RLTI. All in all, SJR’s first BBYO night was a blast, and we cannot wait for even more. 

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