2017-09-27 / Federation

Community Engagement programs bring us together

When it comes to convening the community, we are committed to creating lasting and meaningful ways for Jews to connect with and strengthen their Jewish identity. The Jewish Federation fosters relationships within the Jewish community and among people of all faiths and cultures to help build a better tomorrow.

A local high school teacher said of the “Dear Esther” play hosted by our JCRC Esther Raab Holocaust Museum & Goodwin Education Center: “Not only was this a fabulous experience, but it was inspiring to see so many young minds really access a few major themes of Holocaust education: The value of lives and the power of words. The play, ‘Dear Esther,’ sparked awareness and interest in our entire school! What you did for us was something special and meaningful.”

A parent found invaluable education through our JFCS Right in Our Backyard Addiction Awareness program: “As a parent, the Right in Our Backyard program opened my eyes. It has helped me understand what addiction is, to understand the signs and symptoms of opiate abuse, and how I can support others who may be struggling with addiction. Above all, it’s helped me hold healthy conversations about addiction with my kids and other parents.”

Together, we make an IMPACT with community engagement programming right here in Jewish South Jersey.

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