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Aleph Home Care helps seniors and families

Aleph Home Care is making an impact each and every day in the lives of older adults and their families. We recently received this letter from the daughter of one of our clients. When you become a client, you become part of the Aleph family.

“I’m writing to tell you of my family’s wonderful experience with the Aleph nurse Michelle Litwack. My father had a number of health crises from the end of April to early June. The crises included three hospital stays, two of which were in the ICU. In between a couple of his hospital stays, he was in rehab for two full weeks.

Before his last release from the hospital, it seemed that there would be a smooth transition to care at home. Our family had spoken to a social worker, who assured us that he would have home visits from a nurse and a physical therapist. He had bottles of medicine to manage his several comorbidities. He had made an appointment to see a new primary care physician who was more accessible than the doctor he had seen for many years.

Because of the seriousness of his conditions and how difficult his management would be, and because we didn’t have a specific date for when the hospital-assigned nurse or physical therapist would come by, I called Aleph to request a nurse to assist in the transition to his home health management.

I am so glad I did! We did not get a visit from the hospital-assigned nurse for the first four days that my father was home. That meant that my father went from having his vital signs checked every four hours around the clock to oversight by our family of lay people. My mother, who is my father’s primary caregiver, wasn’t aware of how quickly they would run out of medicine. The first appointment with the new physician wasn’t going to take place for about three weeks; this was too long for such a seriously ill person to not have a primary care physician.

From the moment Michelle visited my father, I knew we were in good hands. She called the new physician and was able to secure an appointment for the very next day. She also worked to get renewals of my father’s medications. Her personal touch was important in having my elderly parents understand the need to record his health data since it was no longer happening automatically every four hours. She also understood that health involves the caregiver’s health, as well as environmental issues. She noticed how worried my mother was now that she was so much more responsible for my father’s care. Michelle noticed that there was no clothes dryer—my mother always said she enjoyed hanging clothes to dry, but never said it was getting to be too much for her.

Michelle communicated with me to be sure that any changes that needed to be made actually happened. (There is now a clothes dryer in the house.)

I wanted to be sure to let Aleph know how valuable we found Michelle’s nursing expertise. I am certain that without her visits to my parents’ home that my father would have ended up in the hospital again shortly after he got home. The unhurried, professional care she offered has contributed to my father’s stability and to my mother’s increasing confidence in her ability to care for him.”

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