2017-08-30 / Editorial

Help the Jewish Federation provide Hurricane Harvey relief

At press time, the hurricane that came ashore as a fierce Category 4 in southeast Texas had eased into a tropical storm. That should be comforting news except that the Lone Star State is far from out of danger. Devastating floods and pummeling rainfall continued as the storm remained stubbornly stalled over land.

With several communities already on the receiving end of two feet or more of rain, streets have turned into rivers that could only be traveled by boat. Six deaths so far have been attributed to the storm but experts predict the number of fatalities will likely swell since many of the worst-hit areas remain inaccessible to rescuers and the flooding in the Houston area is expected to worsen.

Meanwhile, the entire Texas National Guard - more than 12,000 strong - are engaged in rescue missions and the Houston Convention Center was being set up to take in 5,000 displaced people in the nation’s fourth largest city.

Harvey is already registering as one of the most destructive storms to hit the state.

While we in South Jersey are enjoying mild end-of-summer weather, we remember all too well how damaging such a storm could be. It certainly doesn’t feel like five years has passed since Sandy left its path of destruction here.

Just as so many people across the nation came to our aid during Sandy, it is our turn to help out Texans. The Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey has opened an emergency relief fund to support communities and individuals in Houston, San Antonio, Galveston, Corpus Christi and others. While it is too soon to assess the damage, several Jewish communal institutions that flooded two years ago have flooded again, according to JFNA.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Texas. To donate, please visit www.jewishsouthjersey.org. 

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