2017-07-19 / Mideast

Muslim mayor calls for ban on Hezbollah

London’s Muslim mayor wants Great Britain to make support for all factions of Hezbollah illegal. Sadiq Khan said in a statement that he plans to write to the Home secretary and request that she outlaw support for the political wing of Hezbollah, the Jewish Chronicle reported. Support for the terrorist wing of the Lebanonbased militia and Iranian ally is already banned in England.

“I share the concerns of the Jewish community about support shown for Hezbollah, which is an illegal, proscribed and antisemitic organisation,” Khan said. “Antisemitism or hate crime of any kind has no place in our city, where we don’t just tolerate diversity, we respect and celebrate it.”

Khan’s statement came two weeks after marchers waved Hezbollah flags during the annual pro- Palestinian Al-Quds Day parade in London and blamed “Zionists” for the deadly Grenfell Tower fire. Political figures, mostly on the right, criticized Khan, a Labour Party member, for allowing the march to go on and called on him to support a ban on Hezbollah’s political wing. (JTA)

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