2017-07-05 / Federation

Federation committed to strengthening Jewish identity

The Jewish Federation is committed to creating lasting and meaningful ways for Jews to connect and strengthen their Jewish identity. We foster meaningful relationships within the Jewish community and between people of all faiths and cultures to help build a better tomorrow.

Just last year:

• The Jewish Community Foundation, Inc. awarded $22,000 to scholars and community leaders to help them achieve their educational and career goals.

• The Jewish Community Voice reaches 25,000 people every two weeks through its print newspaper and website, informing them about Jewish life and local happenings.

• Networking and community groups engage our broader community through areas of interest, opportunities to collaborate, and programming, such as the Jewish Business Network (JBN), Special Needs Coalition, Presidents’ Council, Young Adult Division (YAD), and the Burlington County Task Force.

• The Jewish Federation’s Community Shark Tank resulted in the launch of five new and collaborative programs because Federation brought donors and local community organizations together to address the four highest priorities identified in the Jewish POP Study.

Together, we make an IMPACT through community engagement right here in Jewish South Jersey.

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