2017-06-21 / Federation

Federation committed to supporting older adults

We are committed to enriching both the minds and bodies of our older adults. Support services, such as in-home care, transportation, and kosher meals-on-wheels, enable seniors to age in place in their own homes. Social, recreational, and cultural programming promotes Jewish culture, heritage, and values to keep older adults engaged in the community.

Robyn Kaplan, director of Aleph Home Care, sees the kind of support older adults in our community receive all the time. In fact, she received a call one day from a woman who reported seeing a young man with an older man while shopping. She thought it had to be a grandson with a grandfather. She went to pay the young man a compliment and learned that his name was Damian, and he wasn’t the grandson but an aide from Aleph Home Care.

The woman was not a client of Aleph but was so impressed by the level of care and kindness she witnessed that she had to call and share her feelings. It speaks volumes to the kind of care our Aleph family offers.

Meanwhile, the daughter of a JCC participant couldn’t help but share the positive impact programming from the Community Center has on her mom.

The mother, who is not Jewish, would relay to her daughter each week what a profound impact and new understanding for Judaism, as well as the world at large, she received by going to the JCC. Much of the staff inspired her to do more and feel as good as she could, giving her an interest in a culture that she would otherwise not have experienced. The mother feels welcomed and valued every day.

Providing for older adults in our community and creating enriching programming opportunities to keep them healthy and vibrant is at the core of our mission. You can become a volunteer and make a difference in someone’s life at jewishsouthjersey.org/volunteer, because TOGETHER, we make an IMPACT.

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