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A moving story from the heart

Aleph Home Care received this letter from the daughter of an Aleph client:

“I am writing to tell you about two exceptional people at Aleph: My father’s home health aide and nurse.

I got a text message from my father’s aide, saying that he had developed a severe tremor and slurred speech. I drove from my home in New York to see what was going on. Sure enough, I hadn’t seen my father in such bad shape since 2009, when he had a diabetes-related crisis.

My father’s aide had to see another client, but he came back to the house to check on my father afterward. When he saw that my father still hadn’t gotten out of bed, he got in touch with the Aleph nurse.

Shortly after I arrived in Cherry Hill, the nurse phoned the house. She said that other than calling 911, and checking my father’s vital signs, she couldn’t do anything else for him. I hoped that if the nurse at least got a foot in the door, she might convince my father to go to the hospital for closer evaluation.

And that’s exactly what she did. She had just the right soothing tone and voice of experience to convince my father to get himself checked out. I can tell you that my father would never have consented to take any medical action if this nurse hadn’t sat with him and explained in her gentle but authoritative way that he needed medical attention ASAP.

When the nurse promised to go to the hospital with my father, she ‘clinched the deal.’

Thanks to both of their interventions, my father is alive today.

I rarely take the time to express my gratitude, even for people like this nurse and aide, who go ‘above and beyond’ and deserve the highest praise. If all your employees are like the two of them, Aleph must be a truly great organization.”

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