2017-05-24 / Life Cycles


B’nai_ Mitzvah:

Adath Emanu-El

AMANDA RUTH WEBER, daughter of Jason and Carolyn Weber, on May 6.

MAYA RUTH LANZISERA, daughter of Michael and Hillary Lanzisera, on May 13.

JESSE BENJAMIN SPECTER, son of Sari Specter and Jeffrey Specter, on May 13.

LILY HELENA BUCHDAHL, daughter of Micah Buchdahl and Ivy Brown, on May 20.

KATIE BUCK, daughter of Gary and Lisa Buck, on May 20.

HAYDEN MATTHEW BANKS, son of Lisa and David Banks, on May 27.

Cong. Beth El

HANNAH LIEBOWITZ, daughter of Melissa and Lee Liebowitz, on May 6.

JAMIE GOLDBERG, daughter of Gloria and Mitchell Goldberg, on May 13.

SABRINA KUSHNER, daughter of Dale and Ira Brooks, on May 13

JULIA EDELMAN, daughter of Danielle and Zachary Edelman, on May 13.

ELYSE KRATCHMAN, daughter of Donna and Barry Kratchman, on May 20.

MAX BECKER, son of Meredith and Andrew Becker, on May 27.

Temple Beth Sholom

HANNAH UDELL, daughter of Stacey and Craig Udell, on May 6.

REMI GRAFF, daughter of Stefani and Mitchell Graff, on May 13.

LILY LAZARUS, daughter of Elise and Lewis Lazarus, on May 20.

HANNAH POLLACK, daughter of Ally and Adam Pollack, on May 27.

Temple Emanuel

MIA SOME, daughter of Howard Some, on May 6.

JORDAN GRABELLE, daughter of Dean and Lisa Grabelle, on May 6.

ETHAN KRIJT, son of Richard and Audrey Krijt, on May 13.

WILLIAM GOLDBERG, son of Scott and Sharon Goldberg, on May 20.

JUSTIN SALCEDO, son of John and Amy Salcedo, on May 20.

JESSICA FITZGERALD, daughter of Gwen Fitzgerald, on May 27.

Cong. M’kor Shalom

LUKE AMBROSINO, son of Richard and Mindy Ambrosino, on May 6.

JULIA GIRGENTI, daughter of Jeffry and Pam Girgenti, on May 6.

SUSAN GIRGENTI, daughter of Jeffry and Pam Girgenti, on May 6.

SAMANTHA AKRE, daughter of David and Jill Akre, on May 13. s

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