2017-05-24 / Federation

Federation supporting Jews around the world

We feel it is our responsibility to advocate for Israel and every Jewish community around the world. The Jewish Federation provides support to ensure Jewish identity continues to thrive and that the safety, security, and well being of Jews are maintained globally.

For someone like Natan, Jewish Federation funding helped to build confidence in a child who suffered from severe anxiety. Natan is now at the end of a three-year program with Youth Futures, a revolutionary mentoring program that works to provide Israel’s at-risk children and their families with the support needed to build self-esteem and confidence, improve school performance, and become independent, productive members of Israeli society.

Natan struggled at school, mainly due to lack of stability at home since his parent’s divorce, that caused him to miss school. His Youth Futures mentor, Yitzhak, in collaboration with his mother, has worked with Natan on regular school attendance and improving his achievements. Today, Natan is in a better place than where he started.

Yitzhak has been a dependable figure in Natan’s life for the past three years. Natan felt increasingly safe enough to share the feelings, fears, and anxiety that swamp him, which enabled Yitzhak to help Natan process those feelings, learn how to cope with the situation, and experience successes that will mold his future and how he sees himself.

Israel and overseas programming is just the start of building a strong and vibrant Jewish community. Together, we make an IMPACT.

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