2017-05-24 / Editorial

Temple Sinai students write about Israel


Longing for freedom
Longing for a place
Wandering home
With despair on our face

The whole world at war
Standing in the eye of the
A golden flower arises
In the midst of a swarm

A land of history
A land of peace
Where Jews can live
And find their missing piece

The beautiful nature
And the salty, salty sea
A Jewish state, a home
For you and for me

By Emma Schrier
Dalet class


We learned a lot about Israel in class. I feel that Israel is very important. We learned about a lot of cities in it, and a lot about Jerusalem. We made posters and did a lot of fun activities.

I really want to visit Israel because I want to float in the water of the Dead Sea, and see the beautiful sights from the highest and lowest areas of it. I really want to visit the Golan Heights and see the place because it sounds so pretty.

Gabrielle Rappaport
Bet class

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