2017-04-12 / Mideast

Israeli firm to provide water for India, Vietnam


An Israeli company whose technology made a splash at the recent AIPAC conference has signed deals to produce drinking water—by extracting it from the air—in India and Vietnam, two countries that have long faced shortages.

Water Gen inked an agreement with India’s second largest solar company to produce purified water for remote villages in the country. Earlier, the company arranged with the Hanoi government to set up water generators in the Vietnamese capital.

“The government of Vietnam greatly esteems the technological developments in Israel, and I hope that the Israeli technology that we supply to Vietnam will significantly help to improve water conditions in the country,” Water Gen President Mikhael Mirilashvili said after the signing in Hanoi, according to a statement.

The memoranda of understanding are worth $150-million in total, according to Water Gen, which was founded in 2009 and creates technology that extracts water from the air for use by civilians and soldiers who do not have access to clean sources. (JTA)

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