2017-04-12 / Local News

Retreat set for Orthodox parents with LGBT children

What questions does an Orthodox (or any observant) Jewish parent ask when a child or any family member comes out as LGBT? Where do you go for support?

On May 5-7, Eshel’s annual parents retreat will address these and other key issues: What should I know and what can I do to keep my child safe? To whom in the Orthodox community can I turn to for support and guidance? What are the medical and emotional ramifications for my transgender child and what does Halacha say about this?

The theme of the retreat this year will be “Happy, Healthy and Holy,” focusing on helping an LGBT child and his or her parents to live a fulfilling and satisfying Jewish life.

For more information about local resources and communities and shuls where LGBT community members are warmly accepted and valued, contact Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein at shulisrose@aol.com.

For more information on the parent retreat, contact Miryam Kabakov at miryam@eshelonline.org or call (724) 374- 3501. s

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