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Federation & Kellman Brown looking forward to new relationship

At its March meeting, the Jewish Federation Board unanimously approved a plan to provide Kellman Brown Academy with expertise to help the pre-school through 8th grade Jewish day school continue its 50-year tradition providing a blend of general and Jewish studies to inspire young minds to aim high, think creatively, and embrace Jewish values.

“KBA is a valuable and important asset to our South Jersey Jewish community, one that must survive for our community to thrive,” said Glenn Fuhrman, Jewish Federation president. He added that KBA provides a learning experience to its students that is consistent with the Jewish Federation’s values, helping to ensure a vibrant and resilient Jewish community by educating and developing the next generations of community leaders.

Federation will continue to provide a subsidy for each child who attends KBA, and all dollars donated to KBA will stay with KBA, said Jennifer Dubrow Weiss, Jewish Federation CEO. She added that KBA’s new relationship with Federation should have little impact on the day-to-day operations of the school, but will provide the back-office support and financial guidance it needs to be successful in the coming years.

Susan J. Levine, KBA Board of Trustees president, said that KBA is excited about the relationship. “I’m very excited. Our Board is excited. This is great for everyone.”

“It opens up to Kellman Brown Academy, the expertise, the skills, and the network that Federation is known for. There are synergies here that will strengthen the foundation of KBA so that we can continue to provide the excellent education we have for the past 50 years,” said Levine. KBA expects to see impactful cost-savings with Federation taking on some of the administrative services that are currently being outsourced. Levine noted that KBA’s top priority continues to be providing excellent academic and Judaic studies to its students. Faculty and staff will remain onsite at KBA.

“We are looking forward to the new relationship with Federation. It represents a recognition of the importance of the day school to the community,” said Levine. She said that a strong Jewish day school is vital to a strong Jewish community. 

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