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Regarding ‘Evangelicals ready to speak for Israel’

Laurie Cardoza-Moore’s assertion (Mar. 1 Voice, Pg. 5) that American Evangelicals and David Friedman are the best alternatives for Israel does not ring true. Ms. Cardoza-Moore does not address the fact that Evangelicals espouse values diametrically opposed to those set forth by the founding fathers. Separation of church and state is not only fundamental to our way of life; it is the law of the land. Evangelicals base their support for Israel on religious dogma, and not on political loyalty. But, like all Americans, Evangelicals should be supporting the state of Israel because it is a democratic beacon in a sea of autocracy, and, because it is a vital ally of the United States. Israel is not just a Jewish state (though some claim it was created largely out of Holocaust guilt); it is a major player on the international political scene.

Ms. Cardoza-Moore’s reference to red state America avoids a very important point. Red State America represents the minority population of the country. Blue State America represents the majority of its citizens. Like Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu won his election but lost the popular vote. If Israel moves too far away from its democratic foundations, it will lose credibility at home and around the world.

David Friedman, who was Donald Trump’s bankruptcy attorney, has no diplomatic experience, and does not understand the fundamental role of the United States as an international peace broker. He advocates violating international law, and is creating an even more divisive and dangerous situation by calling for the move of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What would be the rationale in moving the embassy, other than to further the distrust and anger that is standing in the way of any meaningful solution? His appointment as ambassador to Israel speaks to Trump’s lack of understanding concerning the complex issues of the region. At his confirmation hearing, and faced with the responsibilities of this critical ambassadorship, Mr. Friedman has already stepped away from some of his earlier inflammatory comments.

What Ms. Cardoza-Moore does not address is the alarming rise of anti-Semitism in America and around the world. Perhaps she should look into those who have given the alt-right an escape route out of the shadows, catapulting them into the limelight, and giving them a voice. History has proven that regardless of which religious or ethnic group is being targeted, Jews will inevitably be pulled into the mayhem. It can happen here, and we must remain vigilant every day in support of our Jewish American values and the well being of the state of Israel.

Ellen Zinn
Cherry Hill

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