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On Super Sunday, help us make an impact here and around the world

Federation President

We are just a few days away from kicking off Super Sunday with a special leadership event on January 22, followed by Super Sunday/Week itself starting January 29. During this week alone, we raise ONE THIRD of the annual JFund campaign dollars. These dollars make a significant and positive IMPACT on the lives of tens of thousands of people each year, not only here in South Jersey, but in Israel and around the world.

We are making an impact on the lives of older adults. Federation’s Aleph Home Care program has expanded its services to provide seniors with the personalized transitional nursing care needed after a hospital or rehab stay. Over 300 seniors reside in low- to moderate-income housing offered at the Saltzman, Dubin, and Gesher Houses. More than 1,800 adults participate in the Saltzman Foundation Life Long Learning classes at the Katz JCC, and over $1-million worth of support services are provided to Holocaust survivors each year by JFCS.

We are making an impact on the lives of individuals with special needs and their families. The Special Needs Coalition, led by our Department of Jewish Education, is growing and expanding—and will soon launch the Jewish Abilities Alliance website as a special needs resource for our community. The JCC camps served 115 children through its Open Hearts/Open Doors inclusion program this past summer, and 130 young adults found job coaching, placement, and mentorship last year through the JFCS supported employment program.

We are making an impact on the lives of Jews living in Israel and overseas. Federation’s Israel & Overseas Committee recently selected two new programs to support this year: A young leadership development program in the Ukraine and a pre-army academy in Israel. Our overseas partner JAFI in 2016 brought 19 of the last remaining Jews in conflict-ravaged Yemen to safety in Israel. Additionally, our community raised $140,000 to build a protected classroom at LOTEM, Israel’s leading organization offering accessible hikes and educational nature activities to children and adults with special needs. The LOTEM project was chosen by the participants in our 2014 mission to Israel who were moved after visiting the site.

We are making an impact through community engagement. Our networking and community groups, such as Jewish Business Network, Special Needs Coalition, Young Adult Division, Burlington County Task Force, and Moorestown Jewish Association, engage individuals through different areas of interest, offering opportunities for collaborative programming. In that regard, our very successful and innovative Community Shark Tank resulted in the launch of five new and collaborative programs, addressing the four highest priorities identified in Federation’s Jewish POP Study. The JCF awarded $22,000 to scholars and community leaders last year to help them achieve their educational and career goals. The Jewish Community Voice reaches over 25,000 people in South Jersey biweekly through its print publication and online newspaper.

We are making an impact on children and their families. PJ Library distributes over 10,000 free Jewish storybooks and CDs to children in our community each year, and the number keeps growing. Over $200,000 worth of food was provided by the JFCS food pantries this past year to assist struggling families. Over 2,000 children enjoyed a Jewish summer camp experience last summer through the JCC Camps at Medford, early childhood camp, and specialty camps, with many receiving assistance from the JCC scholarship committee and scholarship funds provided by the Saltzman Foundation.

Yes, we truly make an impact each and every day and could not do so without your generous support, both financially and in terms of volunteering. Volunteer on Super Sunday/Week. Answer the call on Super Sunday/Week. And together we can make an impact here, in Israel, and around the world.

Join us and learn more at jewishsouthjersey.org/supersunday 


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