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January brings new excitement for South Jersey Region

Regional Mazkirim

Each year, January begins and the excitement starts to build in South Jersey Region BBYO. We begin January with our Annual Spring Term Kickoff event which “kicks off” our Regional and Chapter Rush Season (new member recruitment) and we end the Rush Season with TOURNIES, SJR BBYO’s most exciting event of the year. Tournies is our annual night of competitions among all of our chapters.

This year, SJR BBYO wanted to spice up our Spring Kickoff and we headed into Philadelphia to go party at Dave & Busters! We were so excited to board the buses from the Katz JCC and head into the city with over 175 teens—and for more than 25 of our participants, this was their first BBYO event.

The excitement for a night of games, great food and making new friends was palpable on the buses, and when we arrived at Dave & Busters, the teens ran off the buses to start the fun. We began the fun with an amazing meal and all of the new teens were welcomed into the BBYO family. After dinner, the games began and the SJR BBYO teens flooded the game floor.

Andrew Quigley, regional godol (president) and founding member of Chapel AZA, said, “Dave & Busters is always a fun event and it’s a great place to meet and talk with prospective members. It’s so fun to just jump on a game with someone and start shooting Zombies. It’s a great way to bond.”

Over the next two hours, the SJR BBYO teens won lots (LOTS) of tickets, raced on the speedways, kicked butt at air hockey, redeemed their tickets for amazing prizes in the store, and talked to so many new people.

For a younger teen, this was the perfect introduction to BBYO. The fun, amiable setting will ensure an amusing night full of excitement and will briefly introduce them to the constant comfortable setting that BBYO has to offer. All of our veteran teens were there to welcome the younger ones and get to know them better. After the event, we encourage all of our new friends to try out our chapters and join BBYO.

Throughout January, all of our chapters will be having smaller events to welcome new members, bond as a family and get ready for Tournies (February 4-5).

For more information, please contact the BBYO office at sjr@bbyo.org or visit our web site at www.bbyo.org/reg ion/sjr 

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