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Spotlight on M. Rosenblatt Roofing’s Eric Meller

ERIC MELLER ERIC MELLER Eric Meller began his career in the roofing industry as a small child, following his father and great-grandfather before him. His great-grandfather, Morris, founded M. Rosenblatt Roofing Company in 1929 in South Philadelphia.

Throughout Meller’s childhood, he spent most of his holidays, summers, and free time learning everything he could about the family business. He said he would always remember sitting on his father’s briefcase between him and his great-grandfather as they went from site to site; it’s one of Meller’s fondest childhood memories.

M. Rosenblatt Roofing Company consists of industry experts, some of whom have been team members for more than 30 years. Keeping up with industry standards is a core component of Meller’s business. Not only does he want to keep up with the changes in the construction industry, but he also wants to set the standard and set an example for all future members of his elite teams. M. Rosenblatt Roofing Company continually strives for excellence. Their ambition as a company is not to be the biggest, but to be the best. He is proud to say that M. Rosenblatt Roofing is celebrating its 88th year in 2017.

Involvement in the Jewish Federation runs deep in Meller’s heart as well. He shared the privilege of co-chairing Super Sunday 2011 with Albert ElGrissy. It was a life-changing experience for him, and one he is thankful for and very proud of. Meller hopes to see his sons, Jonah and Jacob, do the same one day.

“Federation is an open door to everyone. It’s the group that can bring the community together, regardless of how you choose to believe in Judaism,” said Meller.

For more information about M. Rosenblatt Roofing, visit since1929.com

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