2017-01-04 / Federation

Making an IMPACT for Jews everywhere

Jewish communities in Israel and in 90 other countries around the world rely on our support to ensure that Jewish identity continues to thrive and that the safety, security, and wellbeing of Jews is maintained through our national and overseas partners.

• After our 2014 mission to Israel, our mission participants chose to support a new project at LOTEM, one of the places they visited and the leading organization in Israel offering accessible hikes and educational nature activities around the country to children and adults with special needs. Since then, our community raised $140,000 to build a protected classroom at LOTEM to use for learning during times of peace and to use as a safe have in case of attack. We’re happy to announce that construction on the classroom is now complete!

• In early 2016, 19 of the last remaining Jews in conflict-ravaged Yemen were brought to safety in Israel by a JAFI mission.

• The JDC’s Winter Relief program provides the resources and supports necessary for 15,000 seniors and 8,000 children to survive the bitter winters of the Ukraine.

From the conflict in the Ukraine to natural disasters, like the earthquakes in Nepal and Hurricane Sandy, to the ongoing attacks in Israel, the Jewish Federation is there to help in times of need through our partner agencies.

It is our job to be advocates for EVERY Jewish community, both near and far. Together, we make an IMPACT.

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