2016-12-21 / Letters

Previous letter dismissed Trump’s multi-ethnic support

I was aghast reading, “It was racism that elected Donald Trump” in a letter to the Voice (Nov. 23). Mr. Weinraub is entitled to his opinion, but to state in public that the reason “white people voted for Donald Trump, pure and simple, was racism” is not only vitriolic but also totally offensive. The writer is dismissing the 25% of Jews, 20% of Hispanics, 15% of Afro-Americans who chose to vote for Mr. Trump based on his message and plan to restore greatness.

As for the comment about white supremacist groups voting for Trump, this is no different than communists, socialists, the Black Panther party and other radicals voting for Hillary. My hope, unlike the writer, is that given a chance, Mr. Trump may in fact change things for the better for all Americans.

Nelson Berman
Cherry Hill

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